Day 7 – Conroe, TX to Fort Stockton, TX via Austin

We had a slow leisurely start in Conroe.  It was so nice.  Nancy and Papa D were amazing hosts!  They even went out and got bagels for us while we were sleeping.  We went on a late morning walk around the neighborhood.  I’m pretty sure Nancy was cursing us for waking up so late… turns out it gets pretty unbearably hot, but she was so sweet and chatted us up while showing us her morning route around the gorgeous area.  We were surprised by how woodsy East Texas is.  It is more like what we think of as Louisiana than New Mexico.  It was really green and beautiful!

We drove to Austin to meet a friend who lives there for lunch, and then we checked out the famous South Congress Street in Austin, which is part of the “Keep Austin Weird” vibe.IMG_0316

Weird: I saw someone pushing their enormous pig in a stroller.IMG_0317

Tons of handmade very expensive cowboy boots… we saw some on sale for $2,000!!! IMG_0319We also got ice cream! Obvs.  Brendan got rice krispie treat ice cream, and I got caramel with a sprinkle of sea salt topping. IMG_0320 The vibe was definitely hipster and foodie, but it was the super expensive hipster type… designed hipster jeans, $50 t-shirts, etc.  I really enjoyed it.  I thought my brother might like it.  BUT IT IS SO HOT.  TOO HOT.  I like to eat my ice cream at my own pace, rather than competing with the speedy melting rate in the 100 degree heat.  Austin is on my list of places I’d like to spend more time in on a future trip.


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