Day 9 – Santa Fe, NM to Scottsdale, AZ

We went into Historic Santa Fe for brunch and window shopping around the town.  I was pretty excited to have Huevos Rancheros in Santa Fe, and Brendan had a smothered breakfast burrito.  We have tried to really experience the food of the region everywhere we’ve gone.  Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard without a local guide.  For example, we feel like we were less successful in New Orleans than we would have liked to be, and we wish we had more time to experience the food in Austin.

Brunch in Santa Fe was very tex-mex…



We walked around and admired the architecture, parks, art endless art galleries, and artisan goods.  It definitely made me want some moccasins.  IMG_0348 

IMG_0349 IMG_0350

We have definitely become experts at walking around without a purpose other than to try and experience an area.

IMG_0352 IMG_0354 We spent the next 6+ hours driving through the desert, which can be pretty draining.  I think this was the first day where we both slept while the other person was driving.  We were surprised to see how often the geography changed during this drive through West New Mexico and East Arizona.  It went from cool high desert to mountains with pine trees to bare desert to cactus covered hills. 

We finally arrived in Scottsdale, where my dad lives, and it was 104 degrees!  I had just shivered walking down the street in Santa Fe!!  It is SO HOT in Scottsdale, but much more tolerable than the humid heat in the Southeast.  Before dinner, we walked around the outdoor shopping area in the misters…


My dad took us to one of his favorite restaurants – True Food Kitchen.  I seriously recommend it.  They also have locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Colorado, and various locations in Southern California.  We all got super cool drinks.  I got kale-aid, which had kale, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger.  So Good.IMG_0356My dad got the other drink I almost got, which was pomegranate limeade – lime juice, evaporated cane, pom juice, chia seeds.  Brendan got Hangover Rx – Coconut water, pineapple, vanilla, orange juice.  They were all so fun, fresh, and refreshing.

For dinner, Brendan and I shared the best Bison burger we have ever had and a kale salad.  We loved this place. IMG_0357 My love of all things yuppie became very apparent.  I love clean places with trendy food and boutique workout classes.  As much as I don’t like to admit it, I would probably love to live in LA.


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