Wait… I have a blog?

I think about you all the time.  Then I think, “no, I can’t write a post because I might not be able to blog consistently.” So then I never write.  But it always creeps up on me… do I want to write a post?  Well, the answer is yes! Duh… I’m not saying I’m going to be all consistent.  In fact, I’m saying I won’t be consistent at all, but I am trying to overcome this all-or-nothing personality problem and get the F over it.  So here I am 1,000,000 months later.  Don’t ask where I’ve been… audit hell… dun dun dun… JK I like my job fine and it is far far from Hell.  Believe me!! I’ve seen where my parents work!!! bahaha. But I am not going to talk about work today… because I don’t want to. I am also not going to talk about running today… but you know that will come soon enough.  I know you aren’t worried.

Brendan says that writing “…” means I am a lazy writer because I can’t link two sentences/ideas together with transitions.  Guess what?!  I am a lazy writer!!!  Guess what else!? Brendan and I just got back from the Dominican Republic, and I used my camera for the first time since my last post.  Oh wait.  I didn’t take any pictured for my bratty blog post asking for Christmas presents.

We went to a small boutique hotel about an hour from Puerto Plata, DR, the Palace at Playa Grande.  Brendan gave me this trip for Christmas!! We didn’t take too many pictures because it was a private romantic getaway I didn’t wash my hair for the entire four-day trip, but here are some fun pics.

Look who we found in the garden!!  You can either think of this hotel as a really small hotel or a really HUGE house.  It’s both!  The super rich Indian guy who built it decided to use it as a hotel when he got bored of living there… yawn…


The view from the garden on our first day…


But seriously, the highlight of the week was the fact that I slipped a friend into my suitcase and snuck him on the plane!! SILKY!!!  Yes, I brought my blanket on the trip.  I told you this shit was romantic!!  Anyways… Brendan thought it was so funny that the hotel maid tried super hard to make silky look grownup and suitable in the hotel room every time they cleaned our room.

Attempt #1DSCN0813

Attempt #2


Wah wah… after that they just started folding it… I guess after they met me, they knew I really was a child.

Here I am on the balcony… nice hair… so clean.


And here is my only proof that Brendan came on this trip with me… his foot with his new best friend.


So pretty much, just wanted to say that I am still alive… and share these vacation pics with you.  I’m not holding out on you… I really didn’t take any more pictures.  Sorry!  This was my Christmas present, not yours.  Look forward to posts coming with a little more frequency… maybe.



Worth the click!

I have a confession.  I get a little giddy when I get an email from wordpress.  It usually means I have a comment on my blog (spam or otherwise), but sometimes it means I have a new subscriber!!! and then I get REALLY giddy!  I have more subscribers right now than I thought I would get in my first year of blogging (low expectations for myself?)!!  Yay… thank you for your interest and support. 


However!!!!  There is one thing about subscribers that makes me really sad/mad.  Most of my subscribers are the people I really want to connect with and share my resources/thoughts with, so that’s great, but my blog (the actual site) has more than just the simple material from my posts…. not a lot more… but more. 

1. I’ve changed my background and the layout of my blog a few times since I started because it is really important to me that it is clean and reflects who I am.  Have you ever seen it? The pictures are even formatted to fit the screen with the text under, just perfectly.  This doesn’t translate over to the email version for some reason.  Click through and check it out. 

2. I’ve posted a couple recipes in my recipes section because I want to remember them, but also because I want it to be easier for YOU to have quick healthy meals.  There are only a couple now, but I hope to expand the section.  Click!


3. My travel section makes it easy to look at posts from certain trips I’ve been on (like the recent road trip) without looking through all the posts.

4. My “tag cloud” makes it easy to see posts that only pertain to things you want to read about.  The bigger the word, the more I have written about it. 


5. I received an email today from one of my most devoted subscribers, and she asked me what blogs I like to read, besides mine… I love you, Maryanne, but you can find a list of blogs that I read under the “favorites” tab on my blog!!  I currently read a lot of HungryRunnerGirl and HealthyTippingPoint

Just wanted to give you a heads up on what you might be missing out on… feel free to keep reading from your email, but maybe you’ll want to click through every now and then. 

On my way to my new life in Cambridge!

Monday Musings

I thought I might start a tradition… or just something I do today.  I’m not sure yet, so we’ll see if I remember next week.  I just want to share a few random things I’ve thought, read or experienced in the last week that shouldn’t be forgotten. 

1. I jumped over to Kristen Armstrong’s blog on Runner’s World, Mile Markers, and loved this excerpt from her post. 


Really got me thinking about the times in my life when I could have used this,  and about the people in my life who could use the reminder that you can push your own edge to make changes that you hope for. 

2.  I’ve been thinking about getting “the Stick” but it just seems so expensive for… a stick.  My legs literally ALWAYS ache, and I don’t really have a massage therapist on hand, or the budget to go pay for one.  Thoughts?


3. I watched the first episode (of this season) of True Blood last night and I thought it was good, pretty weird, better than last season.  Brendan just said, “weird.” Anybody else? 

4. I ran across this running blog about Beth, who just moved with her boyfriend from Boston to Berkeley.  How crazy is that?!  Her blog is cute, clean, and entertaining.  Check it out. 

5. The flowers that Brendan brought me last week are starting to look pretty fug, but I won’t replace them until he brings me new ones!  Cause I’m a brat!    

Food Blogger?

There is no way I could be a food blogger.  It isn’t that I can’t cook.  I can.  It isn’t that I don’t love food blogs.  I HEART them.  The big problem is really that good food bloggers are always AMAZING photographers.  Let’s face it.  Point n’ shoot cameras kinda suck at capturing the deliciousness of food. 

My favorite food blog is Smitten Kitchen.  I went through a phase where I cooked one of her recipes pretty much every other night for a few weeks.  Delish, but it is hard for me to find recipes on fancy food blogs that aren’t completely intimidating.

When I have a specific ingredient that I want to use or a certain kind of recipe I am looking for, I always go to Foodgawker.  I really love just clicking through page after page on FG even when I’m not looking for something.  It is really inspiring.  It has also made me super aware of food trends.  You know something’s up when there are 3 “cake in a jar” recipes each day for a month.

I can sometimes just spend hours clicking from one food blog to the next, but the blog recipes that get put to use the most in my kitchen are from healthy living blogs.  I have tried a few Crockpot recipes from PBfingers and I often try salad ideas from CarrotsNCake and HealthyTippingPoint.  However, my FAVORITE blog recipe is definitely the flourless cookie recipe I found on CarrotsNCake

Flourless Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies (Adapted from CarrotsNCake)DSCN0053

Makes 6 cookies


3/4 cup Old Fashioned Oats

1/2 tsp. Baking Powder

2 Tbs. Brown Sugar

1/4 cup Natural Peanut Butter (creamy or crunchy)

1/4 cup Egg Whites

1/4 cup Chocolate Chips


Preheat oven to 350*F.  Mix together first three ingredients.  Add remaining ingredients and combine.  Have a taste!! yum.  Spoon 6 heaping tablespoons onto a cookie sheet.  No need to grease.  Bake for 8-10 minutes depending on your oven. 

Best enjoyed with a friend, or a movie, or ice cream, or straight off the sheet! 

I topped mine with 3 marshmallows each just for fun one night, but they are perfect without them. 


Brendan and I have these about three times a week, or whenever we don’t go out for ice cream.  I love that the recipe only requires a bowl, measuring spoons, and the 1/4 cup measuring cup.  It makes clean-up way better, but it also makes it really easy to memorize the recipe.  I forced Brendan to memorize it early in my obsession with the recipe in hopes that he would want to make them for me.  Too bad I always start making them before he even feels like dessert! 

Try them! 

Sticking to the plan

This weekend I followed my plan to NOT follow the training plan when things get in the way.  The things that got in the way: my hamstrings!  NO!!!!

  June Training

As you can see, the training plan this weekend said 9 at pace and 19 for the long run.  First of all… wtf was I thinking when I wrote this plan down?!  I guess I’m ready for that mileage again, but I don’t feel it.  Saturday was my rainy day abbreviated run, so that was only 4.  Then Saturday night I worked at a wedding and probably climbed 30 flights of stairs with heavy trays of food.  Cross training?!  Finally, on Sunday I was so sore from catering.  I had planned to run 7 of my long run with my friend A.Jay who is training for the SF Half July 31st. 

Owwwy my tired body and my super ouchy hamstring.  I DO NOT want to repeat the painful sciatic nerve damage and pulled hamstring pain that I experiences training for the Disney marathon.  So instead of trying to crank out a long run today to make up for this weekend, I decided to just carry on with my schedule and go to yoga.  The X on the training plan means cross-training and I always go to yoga for these days.

Other Big News this Weekend!!!

Brendan and I went to get me a camera so that I can be a real blogger.  I guess he thought it was lame when I asked him to take a pic with my phone for the blog. 


Mine is purple!

I also got a surprise knock on the door today when I was napping!


For ME!!?


Do NOT look at my chins in this pic… I was very excited to get my…


CPA (certified public accountant) exam study materials!  Now I have something to do besides my sleep, eat, sleep, run, sleep routine!  I feel like such a nerd, but I am so excited to have something to work toward besides running.  It can’t be the ONLY thing on my schedule!  Here I come, Starbucks!