My first real addiction

I love running.  Sometimes I crave a good quick run in the rain, or a long run on a chilly fall day.  When I go too long without running, I go a little cray cray.  BUT… I wouldn’t say that I am addicted to running.  I could probably get the same thing from some other endurance sport, but I haven’t tried those… yet. 

Last year during the fall semester, some kid commented that he thought I was addicted to coffee because I always had my coffee in my hand when I got to class in the morning.  I laughed and told him that it was more likely that I was addicted to 1. having a cup in my hand because it makes me feel cool and reminds me of the Pacific NW, and 2. a good dose of sugar… because my cup was almost always full of hot chocolate… not coffee.  Too poor for daily lattes. 

When I started work a few weeks ago (it has already been 3 weeks!) I started going to Starbucks in the morning because it was the one little thing that I did for myself each day.  If you know my mom, you’ll understand why going to Starbucks reminds me of home and family.  It has become my comfort food of choice.  When I lived in Spain for a year it was my go-to cure for any homesickness.  Beyond the nostalgia, I enjoy my few minutes alone outside with my white and green cup every morning because it always, without fail, feels like an indulgence.  I hope that never goes away. 

So what’s the problem?  The problem is that I don’t like Starbucks hot chocolate and it has been way too hot for anything but iced coffee every morning here in Boston.  So, I’ve had coffee for the past 3 weeks.  One of them was even free because my Starbucks gold reward points kicked in!!  Yesterday I slept in… A LOT, but it was ok because Brendan did too.  After lunch with a friend, I came home and I was super productive studying for my next CPA exam took a super long nap.  I just figured it had been a long week, and I needed the rest.  But then the same thing happened today, except it didn’t feel good because it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing, and I knew I wasn’t actually tired.  Then I got horrible head and neck aches while I was running.  Then I got cranky and felt like I needed sugar… any sugar.  When I started explaining these symptoms out loud, I realized that I needed coffee.  I needed coffee for the first time in my life. 

I’m still not sure if I’m ok with this situation, but I sure did feel better after grabbing an iced coffee this afternoon! 

Onto dinner…

I had a major craving for chicken parmesan…

Cornmeal-crusted Chicken Parmesan



  • Chicken breast tenderloins (uncooked)
  • Cornmeal
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Dried basil or Italian seasonings
  • Grated parmesan
  • Egg whites
  • Canned or homemade marinara
  • Whole wheat spaghetti
  • Mozzarella


Preheat oven to 350.  Prepare a shallow bowl of egg whites and another shallow bowl with a mix of cornmeal, S&P, parmesan, and Italian seasonings.  Prepare the chicken by giving it a bath in the egg whites and then coating it in the cornmeal mix.  Set aside on a plate while you prepare all of the chicken.  Heat a pan with a few tablespoons of olive oil over medium-high heat.  Add the chicken and cook on each side for about 3 minutes.


Remove each piece and place them in a casserole dish or brownie pan.  Cover with a coat of marinara sauce and mozzarella, and bake for 10-15 minutes, or until chicken is cooked through and cheese is melty!  Serve over spaghetti with extra sauce!

YUMM… this was so good. 



Officially Summer!

I was just telling my mom and Braed the other day how it just doesn’t feel like summer until Starbucks launches their treat receipts… and yesterday… IT HAPPENED!  Happy SUMMER!!

I went into Starbucks today completely unaware, so I was pleasantly surprised when I was being handed my receipt even though I hadn’t asked for one.  The cashier began to point to the bottom of my receipt and I started to get butterflies.  “Yes!!! I was JUST saying how it really isn’t summer until I get my first treat receipt!” Well… the cashier is used to my weirdness, so he wasn’t TOO shocked, but I don’t think he was expecting that level of enthusiasm. 

Big question #1: Do you even know what I am talking about? 

If you don’t… your life is awful.  What is wrong with you?  There is only one good reason why you have never gotten a treat receipt and that is if you wake up at 1pm in the summer, so you have never made it to Starbucks before 2pm to get your treat.  You are forgiven.  If you go to Starbucks in the morning and you still don’t know what I’m talking about… you are really dumb.  If you have never been to Starbucks because you “don’t believe in Starbucks” then you are such a hipster that you probably hate my blog anyway, so nvm. 

For the rest of you… customers receive a “treat receipt” at Starbucks from July 18 to Sept 5, 2011when they visit and make a purchase before 2pm.  THEN… you can come back after 2pm for a $2 grande cold beverage.  It is not like the deal of the century, and nothing is free, but it makes me happy.  So SHUUUT up

Big question #2: Will I use my treat receipt today? 

Maybe, maybe not.  If I do, it will probably be instead of Yogurtland tonight because I had my first Starbucks beverage today around noon.  I almost fit into the forgiven category from above.  jeez.  I do have a brain, so I realize you save more money not going to Starbucks at all.  $2 is still $2.   

ANYWAY… HAPPY SUMMER, my Starbucks lovers!

Lessons to be learned

Today I ran 12 miles, which I was supposed to do yesterday, but eew running the day after a long catering event!  I had a weird run filled with many lessons about how not to plan your long-ish run…

1. You don’t drink real coffee.  Don’t drink real coffee right before your run!  The coffee did solve my usual bathroom issues, so I am very grateful, but some weak Starbucks latte would have done that too.  About 2 miles into my run I stopped because my legs felt like jello AND I thought I was having an anxiety attack.  It was so weird, and I was kinda freaking out.  I stopped and looked down to see my whole body shaking.  That was when I started to curse my decision to go to Local 123 for a super strong mocha with Aje. 

2.  You ate breakfast in the morning.  Just because you haven’t done anything but read blogs since then does not mean it isn’t lunch time before the run.  Eating lunch probably would have helped with the caffeine overload, too.  I just didn’t even realize it was so late (1pm) when I headed out the door.  Well, let me tell you… I for sure realized it at mile 8 when my stomach was calling.

3. Holidays suck for getting things done, and I am a cranky girl after a 12 mile run.  I went to get the lunch I had been thinking about since mile 8, but no, SF soup company was CLOSED!  I quickly redirected for Chipotle and got a burrito bowl to inhale while I sat outside in the sun… bliss.  I left soon though because I needed to get to the pharmacy.  FAIL! WTF… why do they need to close all day?  Then I went to TJ’s which was not closed so everyone and their mom was there… Fail #2 because I hate crowded TJ’s.  There were no mini carts left when I got there, so I grabbed a basket, but then I wanted to just sit on the ground in the aisle.  I NEEDED a cart to lean on.  So I waited for a cart. LOLOL… then walked through the aisles five times each to decide what to buy.  On my way out I slowly dropped/chucked my paper towels at somebody and then slowly went to pick them up.  Lesson learned: I need a nap.  I am not in marathon shape.  12 mile runs eat me for dinner.

As you might imagine, I am now going to take a nap!  Happy Memorial Day!