I survived!

It didn’t feel good and I didn’t like it one bit, but I made it out of the exam room in one piece after my first section of the CPA exam.  It was 4 stinking hours of non-stop picking at my brain in a freezing air-conditioned room with signs everywhere that warned me against putting my feet on my comfy chair.  grrr… anybody who has ever sat down anywhere with me knows that I put my legs up everywhere.  oops… it happened a few times during the test!  sorry…

I was a nervous disaster before the exam and my stomach was literally spinning in circles the whole hour before the exam.  Luckily, I had secured awesome friend plans for after the exam, so that I wouldn’t be alone and anxious after.  Brendan and A.Jay were right down the street waiting for me when I got done, and we headed to Roy’s for dinner!  Brendan treated me to a cocktail, appetizers, and two seared Ahi dishes.  Yumm… and of course, Roy’s famous chocolate soufflé!


It was so fun and I was really so grateful that they were both there for me!

A.Jay and I decided last night that we would go running this morning at 8:30.  That, my friends, is very early for me, but I had no problem at all waking up because I knew Aje was coming, too.  It was crazy.  I can’t believe how powerful that commitment to her was for my body!


We ran 5 miles on a trail that runs through Berkeley.  We ended the run with iced coffees from Starbucks, of course!

I’m feeling a little better about the exam now that I’ve distanced myself a bit, but I still catch myself trying to solve some problem in my head even though I don’t remember the whole fact pattern.  That makes it pretty stressful.  I won’t get my score until the end of September, so I really need to just let it go and commit myself to my next section, which I will be taking at the end of August!  I’m actually pretty excited to start with a new book, new topic, etc. because I have learned a lot with the last exam about how to study with the Becker materials.

Now I’m headed to Oregon tonight to pick up the car that I’ll be driving to Boston.  We are going to drive it back to the bay this weekend in time for the SF Half Marathon.  Lots of fun coming up this weekend!!


Getting real.

Big things are starting to get super real around here!  I am kind of freaking out.

1. I called NASBA (accounting people) today to calmly ask where the F my payment coupon was that I was supposed to get 2 weeks ago!!??

The response: Oh hello, Ms. Kaetlin.  I will send that again for you and it should arrive in the next 48 hours. 

Oh.  Thanks…. 

If there is one thing you get from going to Cal it is an appreciation for good customer service because it sucks so bad at Cal.  BUT… don’t pull that “we’ll send it again” crap on me.  Gmail doesn’t lie. 

So, I got the payment coupon like 2 hours later and promptly went online to pay my entire credit card limit to take the CPA exams.  Cool! The firm will pay me back… after I pass all of the exams.  hmm… that will probably be after my credit card bill is due.  Just sayin’

2. I bought garbage bags today, and went through 1/4 of my clothes for Goodwill donations.  I need to get rid of stuff, so I can fit it in the Honda road trip mobile. 

3. Brendan and I bought almost all of the hotel nights last night for our road trip!  We are thinking about camping for two nights in Yellowstone because it is SOOOO expensive to stay in a hotel near the park.  You know what that means?  We have to fit a tent and sleeping bags in the car.  Throw out more of Brendan’s stuff!!


Ok… so three things just got super real… CRAZY!  I think I need a good run.


It has been so nice lately here in the East Bay.  I know it is probably a little too chilly in San Francisco and a little too hot in San Jose, so it is great to be sitting comfortably in the sun and breeze here in Berkeley! 

The nice weather FORCED me to abandon Starbucks in favor of a café with outdoor seating.  I went to PIQ, which is a pretty genuinely Italian spot close to my apartment because it has fabulous outdoor seating with tables that are half in the sun, half under umbrellas.  So divine…

Of course, I am SO not a loner, so I brought my BFF along with me for coffee. 


Yep, I took Becker out to get a little sun, too.  This is my CPA exam prep book, for anyone unfamiliar with Becker.  Watching 2-hour long lectures and completing multiple choice problem homework for hours is so much more enjoyable in the sun…


When you have one of these iced lattes.  Not quite as delish as my usual because… “Where  is my luscious caramel topping!?” 😦


Starbucks NEEDS to get outdoor seating in Berkeley! 

Don’t worry… I wasn’t totally nerding out with my prep book.  I was also sporting the oh-so-wonderful…



1) I am trying to maintain my running sock tan lines because Brendan loves them soooooo much.  So I couldn’t expose my legs with something like flip flops on.  hmmm… I guess I could have worn my running clothes…

2) I was feeling some shin splints coming on today on my walk home from yoga.  Tough stuff walking 3 blocks home… jk… It is probably from my 18 and 8 mile runs after being a turd for a while. 

3) So that I could take a picture in them and experience the reaction from the uber trendy SO-cal girls sitting behind me… “OMG wtf… Berkeley is so weird!”

LOLOL… yay fitting in in Berkeley.  Ok not quite there yet! 

Check back later for a post on where to get the BEST ice cream ever when you visit Berkeley.

Sticking to the plan

This weekend I followed my plan to NOT follow the training plan when things get in the way.  The things that got in the way: my hamstrings!  NO!!!!

  June Training

As you can see, the training plan this weekend said 9 at pace and 19 for the long run.  First of all… wtf was I thinking when I wrote this plan down?!  I guess I’m ready for that mileage again, but I don’t feel it.  Saturday was my rainy day abbreviated run, so that was only 4.  Then Saturday night I worked at a wedding and probably climbed 30 flights of stairs with heavy trays of food.  Cross training?!  Finally, on Sunday I was so sore from catering.  I had planned to run 7 of my long run with my friend A.Jay who is training for the SF Half July 31st. 

Owwwy my tired body and my super ouchy hamstring.  I DO NOT want to repeat the painful sciatic nerve damage and pulled hamstring pain that I experiences training for the Disney marathon.  So instead of trying to crank out a long run today to make up for this weekend, I decided to just carry on with my schedule and go to yoga.  The X on the training plan means cross-training and I always go to yoga for these days.

Other Big News this Weekend!!!

Brendan and I went to get me a camera so that I can be a real blogger.  I guess he thought it was lame when I asked him to take a pic with my phone for the blog. 


Mine is purple!

I also got a surprise knock on the door today when I was napping!


For ME!!?


Do NOT look at my chins in this pic… I was very excited to get my…


CPA (certified public accountant) exam study materials!  Now I have something to do besides my sleep, eat, sleep, run, sleep routine!  I feel like such a nerd, but I am so excited to have something to work toward besides running.  It can’t be the ONLY thing on my schedule!  Here I come, Starbucks!