Runner attacked by… a tree.

I started this morning off with a nice warm morning run on a bike path in Berkeley.  I didn’t have very long because I pressed snooze, ate a big breakfast, and read blogs for too long the light in our bathroom went out, which made it harder to get ready.  I decided I had time to fit in 4 easy miles.  It was a good run and a beautiful morning.  I ran without music, which is rare for me lately, and it was so refreshing to enjoy all of the excitement as everyone was getting ready for the holiday weekend.  I just LOVE the 4th of July. 

There were a bunch of yard sales going on along one part of the trail, and while I was scoping out my next purchase I was attacked by a tree branch.  It scared me so bad because I thought I had been ducking enough.  Apparently not.  When I came back up from ducking/looking at the branch that  had hit me, I was immediately whacked on the other side of the head by another branch.  I’m now realizing that it was probably (hopefully) because I was wearing a hat, and I suck at being aware of things above me when I wear hats. 

Check out my battle wounds…


I was so confused when I looked in the mirror and saw this grass stain on my freshly cleaned hat, but then I remembered…


I ended my run at Trader Joe’s so that I could get my favorite airport snacks. 

Even though Brendan wasn’t here this morning, I still wanted to walk through the farmer’s market on my way to the BART station.  It was super crowded since it was sooo nice out. 


The flower stand was especially vibrant this morning.  I loved the sunflowers! 

I’m in Portland now, where the weather is just as beautiful. 


Who am I?

Something weird is going on… after my 18 MILES yesterday woohoo… I had a pretty weird day. 

I got home super tired and hungry and disgusting, as usual.  I ate a wonderful yogurt bowl as I sat in the shower, letting the water massage  my legs, as usual.  Then I had lunch, read blogs, and took a nap… all normal-ish.  The thing that upset me was how dead I felt before, during and after my nap.  I felt like my run had just fully punched me in the face.  I suppose I deserve that after pretending like I didn’t need to train for the upcoming marathon for a month. 

I went outside to start the laundry and I left MY KEYS in the laundry room… the laundry room that locks automatically.  Yep, I stood outside for 40 minutes waiting for someone to enter or exit the apartment building.  I felt so annoyed.  All I could think about was how thirsty I was and how bad I needed chapstick.  Oh how I didn’t appreciate the things I had in my apartment until I couldn’t have them…

Finally someone let me in. 

After dinner last night I was super tired AGAIN!  My body was not loving my decision to train for the marathon.  I can’t remember if I always feel like this after long runs, or if it gets better with time. 

Today I feel quite a bit better, but I was reminded of my carelessness when…

I was sitting in a chair at the dining table, reading something on my computer… normal. 

Then I just suddenly slid over to my right.  I had been sitting on top of my right leg, which was bent under my butt.  I just kept sliding and sliding, my leg got caught on the other side of the chair, and then I fell right over onto the floor.  Hard.  It hurt and I was scared, but mostly I just laid there thinking wtf just happened.  The funniest thing is that for some reason I looked out the window to see if anyone had seen/heard me.  omg You THINK people care what you’re doing…

So, now I am considering whether or not the run caused permanent brain damage.  Seriously… Brendan thought my jokes were bad last night, but I wish that was my only problem right now.

Do long runs mess everyone up?