3 months later… graduation pictures!

It has been almost 3 months since I graduated from Cal, but I wanted to share these because I finally got a CD of the pictures from my friend Kym, who was nice enough to act as my personal photographer for the day! 

First, receiving my pretend diploma from the lady I had never seen before…

may2011 010

A shot of the gorgeous venue, the Greek Theatre!

may2011 016

After the ceremony Braedon gave me my second Cal colored lei. 

may2011 025

I might have to exclude these ladies from my wedding invite list if they keep looking so cute!

may2011 040

Not sure why I let Brendan come in this picture and ruin it…

may2011 059

I almost don’t have cankles in this picture.  These shoes are winners!

may2011 082

I like to practice tree pose whenever I can…

may2011 099

It’s not my mom’s fault she was dressed for another climate.  It really was cold. 

may2011 106

I’ll have to crop the photo bomber out of this one of me and my baby boy!!

may2011 113

Hope you enjoyed the pics.  I’ve been busy thinking about my hair and packing for the big move all day today.  The day just got away from me and I never went on the run that I had been planning on.  My plan is to wake up early-ish tomorrow to get in a couple miles.  Hold me to that!!