Did you just buy a weird dog book on my kindle!?

Does this look like a book I would want to read!? NO WAY… but it is!


I have seen this book a few times in stores, magazine book reviews, and on blogs, but I really got interested in it when I read Caitlin’s review on HTP, and she said that it left her sobbing!  Well then… I will like that book!

I was right.  This is not a dog-loving kind of book, but it is important that the narrator is a dog because it allows for a lot of philosophical dialogue, as the dog can’t actually be fully involved in the actual dialogue.  The thesis of the book is pretty much “live each day to the fullest” but there is so much more in the story.  It was really such a great story about relationships and hardship.

I read this book while I was working at a wedding in the coat check closet, so I had to put it down a few times when I started crying.  It would be super awkward to have some party guest walk in on my sob-fest.  This book was a seriously sad book, but ended up being a total upper (as opposed to a downer), and I have been thinking about it for days since I finished.  Love that!

I must also warn that I have thought about people around me dying pretty frequently in the past few days, which is pretty sucky, but also really got me thinking about how I treat the people I love.

Wow rambling post without actually saying anything about the book!  Great!