Running has taught me… I can

I went to Borders today with my brother and his girlfriend.  Whenever I go to Borders I love to grab a big pile of magazines and sit in the comfy chairs for hours.  In the stack today: Martha Stewart Weddings, Runner’s World, and Rachel Ray’s magazine.  I spent most of my time looking through the wedding magazine (just for fun!), but I found myself thinking a lot about the Runner’s World article I read about Lance Armstrong and the reader survey about cancer and running. 


I read about all of these amazing stories.  People fighting cancer and coming back to run a marathon.  Lance Armstrong talked about proving that he was still alive and that he could do it when he got out of chemo and tried to go for a run  (whether you like him or hate him, you have to respect his battle).  The survey asked why readers thought cancer and running went together so well.  Besides the fundraising, there is a lot to be said for the number of people who battle cancer and continue to run OR survive cancer and then become a runner. 

This got me thinking… does running make me feel strong enough to fight the challenges in life… assure me that I can and will endure? 

Or have the struggles  in our lives taught us that we can battle, we can step up to challenges, we can endure another race?  Maybe I could be a runner?! 

I think it is a circle that starts with one or the other for different people.  Maybe you don’t like to get so introspective and running is your release, your time to STOP thinking about things like this, and you are like SHUT UP… I have to admit, I feel like that a lot!  But the moving articles in the July issue sure got me thinking.