Monday Musings

I thought I might start a tradition… or just something I do today.  I’m not sure yet, so we’ll see if I remember next week.  I just want to share a few random things I’ve thought, read or experienced in the last week that shouldn’t be forgotten. 

1. I jumped over to Kristen Armstrong’s blog on Runner’s World, Mile Markers, and loved this excerpt from her post. 


Really got me thinking about the times in my life when I could have used this,  and about the people in my life who could use the reminder that you can push your own edge to make changes that you hope for. 

2.  I’ve been thinking about getting “the Stick” but it just seems so expensive for… a stick.  My legs literally ALWAYS ache, and I don’t really have a massage therapist on hand, or the budget to go pay for one.  Thoughts?


3. I watched the first episode (of this season) of True Blood last night and I thought it was good, pretty weird, better than last season.  Brendan just said, “weird.” Anybody else? 

4. I ran across this running blog about Beth, who just moved with her boyfriend from Boston to Berkeley.  How crazy is that?!  Her blog is cute, clean, and entertaining.  Check it out. 

5. The flowers that Brendan brought me last week are starting to look pretty fug, but I won’t replace them until he brings me new ones!  Cause I’m a brat!