Running Sucks!

Today was kind of a crazy start to a crazy weekend…

Brendan and I are volunteering at the San Francisco AIDS walk tomorrow to help my friend A.Jay who has been working as an organizer for them for a few months.  She coaxed us in with the promise of golf carts!! Woo hoo!! We get to drive golf carts and call it volunteering! Sweet!  Just one thing… we have to BE THERE at 5:30am tomorrow in San Francisco. 


So after we went to the volunteer training today in Golden Gate Park we headed to one of our favorite SF restaurants: Pluto’s.  They have SUPER good salads with lots of toppings to choose from!

Later in the evening we went to Emeryville and happened upon the Nike Running store!!  I LOVE Nike stores, but I especially love this one because it is a HUGE store devoted to all running products.  YES! 


I really wanted this sweatshirt.  It really speaks to me. 

But then I found a shirt that REALLY isn’t afraid of a little honesty:


Why do they only have this shirt in Men’s sizes?  I told Brendan he should get it because it is my favorite Nike shirt EVER, but he said he prefers more motivating Nike shirts.  You know like Catch me if you can OR Super Fast.  WHATEVER.  I do not even look at those shirts.  How lame would it be to wear those shirts and have the race photographer catch you walking.  Yep… I am super fast.  OMG.  That is kind of how I feel about arm sleeves, too.  I just couldn’t wear them knowing that I am going to be running 10 min miles.  More power to you if you think they help you at the jogging pace (yep, I said it), but I’m waiting until I hit 7 min miles.  So… don’t ever buy me sleeves! 

Off to bed now so I can get my volunteer on in a few hours!


Speaking of places to work…

Braedon and I met Emily for lunch yesterday at Café Yumm, and she just happened to casually invite us to pretend to be her kids at the Nike Employee Store!!! What!!?? Really!? This is like an event that I should have prepared for.  Emily is only 9 years older than me, but she just walked in like she owned the place and said that she was bringing her kids in with her!  lol  FYI Emily is a tiny blonde innocent religious super good girl.  The guy just stopped making eye contact with any of us after she said that, and in we went!


Dear Nike, some day in the future you will let me into this store without question.  Thanks.


Well… guess what I snagged half price!?


No.  I am not in pain.  I am not crying.  I am not barfing.  I was trying to impersonate Vector from Despicable Me saying “Oh Yeah!” Fail…

The Oh yeah was for my new shoes!!!


LUNARGLIDE + 3!!! Yes… 3!  So far, I love them.  That was after 5 miles in the weird humidity we had today in Portland.

Braed tried to explain to me how dumb I looked in the picture…

Braed LG2

Unfortunately, I didn’t believe him until I just uploaded the pic onto my blog.

My mom was having nothing to do with us…


I had a fun day with these lovely people, but it is now time for me to head on home to this lovely man…


He is a QT!!! and I miss him lots… How could you not!!??  I’m flying to the Bay from Portland for the last time in the foreseeable future… CRAZY!

Love/hate with Nike Running

I LOVE Nike.  Sometimes as I get dressed for a run I think about the fact that I look like I’m sponsored by Nike… but I pay them!  (or my mom does)



My love for Nike didn’t happen overnight.  Rather, I think it is a result of tons of smaller influences that Nike marketing strategies have had on my life. 

1. My first real soccer team’s uniform was all Nike, so I had to buy Nike stuff to match it, and I got used to the feel and fit of the Nike products.  Soccer socks vary a LOT by brand, and it is so annoying to have your shoe fit differently.  Plus, Mia Hamm was wearing Nike.  

2. Oregon=Nike.  Visiting the Nike campus (athlete heaven) and the 50% off everything employee store would make you want to work at Nike, too.  Plus, you end up with a lot of Nike stuff when it is 50% off! 

3.  Nike products are super fun, colorful and edgy, but they are also really consistent.  There is no way I am going to buy and wear some mystery shorts for a race, but I will buy a new pair of the shorts I already have… in a new color!  The small changes in product design either seriously annoy me or send me head over heels thinking the designers are geniuses. 

Ex.  Tempo shorts… a look at their recent history and evolution.

-Addition of little fabric flap over inner pocket so that your keys don’t fall out! +

-Recent change positioning inner pocket in back rather than in front so that my keys clink-clink on my rear the whole run?  WTF        

It is only recently that I started to wear Nike shoes.  I went through a lot of hip/foot problems with lots of other shoes until I found the Lunarglide+.  Actually, I only tried them on because my mom owned a pair for wearing to the gym (not running), but I didn’t want to wear my running shoes in the pouring rain on a short run the day before a long run.  I tried them and… I loved them! 

Now I still wear my babies (stolen from my mom) every few weeks, but they are pretty beat up from marathon training, and no longer available in stores OR online.  I don’t really like the lunarglide 2.  I have weird foot pains sometimes and shin splints more than ever.  Curse you, Nike… until today, when I got this email…

Introducing the Nike LunarGlide+ 3

To be continued…