No (sham) Poo

Hilary drove here from Santa Clara on Thursday, so we got together for ice cream and chit chat.  I drove her down to 4th street for some Chocolatier Blue ice cream, of course!  When we were shopping around in Anthropologie, Hilary randomly turned to me and asked, “How does my hair look?”  Well, it looked blonde, normal, clean… She confessed to me that she had gone 6 days without washing her hair and then washed it with baking soda.  WTF

The bay area has definitely changed Hilary, but she didn’t strike me as one to fully give up personal hygiene.  It turns out Hilary is trying the “no poo movement” which you can Google for yourself, and you will find hundreds of women documenting their attempts to restore balance to their scalps, so that the glands no longer overcompensate by producing excess oils. They do this to replace all of the natural oils that daily shampooing strips away.  Apparently, if you wean yourself off of shampooing so frequently, you will eventually not need to wash your hair so much because it won’t get greasy as quickly.  AWESOME!

There are a million reasons why you might decide to start doing this:

  • It reduces packaging waste from shampoo bottles
  • Saves money spent on expensive hair care products
  • Saves time spent shampooing every day
  • Reduces the number of chemicals we are pouring down the drain
  • Reduces the number of chemicals we pour over our porous skin
  • MAYBE (please) helps my hair stay curled longer!!

I am a big advocate for reducing waste, saving money, and doing my part to save the environment, so this was already exciting.  But then I thought about all of the times I have heard that dirty hair stays curled longer.  There is no way that I could ever go more than a day without washing my hair because I have the greasiest head EVER.  So here is my attempt to change that… maybe.DSCN0339

Day 3 of NOT washing my hair.  My hair looks darker.  AKA greasy. 


I curled my hair to try to disguise the nastiness.  Better-ish?!

I had to just stop looking at it in the mirror and go out to the only place where my hair would look noticeably cleaner than everyone else’: the Berkeley Farmer’s Market! 


Padron= “big daddy” in Spanish, so I thought they must be super spicy, but they aren’t.  My Spanish has failed me. 


Still, there is nothing more lovely than fresh-cut flowers on a sunny day! 

I haven’t decided if the grease bomb will make it any longer.  After I go running, I plan to rinse and scrub my head in the shower with… water.  I’ll keep you updated on the nastiness.  Brendan is out of town, so I’ll just sleep on his pillow!