Puerto Rico and a big PR!

Brendan and I recently returned from Spring Break in Puerto Rico.  My 5 months of traveling back and forth to New York last year finally paid off.  We flew to San Juan and spent three nights in the Sheraton in Old San Juan and then three nights West of San Juan at the St. Regis Bahia Beach!



I’m all about the whole “you’re in Puerto Rico… you have to try Puerto Rican (enter something I would rather not be eating/doing”.  I get it.  I also get being on vacation.  I have a whole new outlook on vacation these days.  It’s more like… I’m a young professional.  Sometimes, I hate my job.  Sometimes is right now.  I would like to take some PTO, and that is valuable PTO, thank you.  So f*ck your Puerto Rican (enter black coffee with creamer)… I’m going to Starbucks on my vacation.  And that, my friends, I get from my mama.


But seriously now.  This was the first time I truly needed a vacation in my life and really felt like it was something I was able to gift to myself.  So we went from this…


To this…


We toured old Spanish forts…



Wandered the streets of Old San Juan…



Hiked to caves and cliffs…



Watched the San Juan Half Ironman!


If you know me at all, you know I immediately started researching sprint triathlons and bike prices.  It was so inspiring.  So exciting!

And then we went to the St. Regis…



…which was a stunning plantation-style resort.  We stayed in a suite!

We went to the beach…



Hiked in the rainforest…


snorkeled and kayaked…



599039_462638040486812_2008246401_n 480062_463555187061764_640062421_n 63048_462633503820599_1660472901_n 602046_462635133820436_1191192759_n

And played with iguanas!


It was really great!  Then I flew home to Portland and did this!!!!!! Hop Hop Half Marathon…


A HALF MARATHON PR by 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND… this is the first time I’ve placed in my division!!!



Hood to Coast 2011

Team 1213 “Quick & Shameless” Van #2


Captain Mom




Me and my baby brother


The Lineup!


Our first exchange!  Van 1’s Maryanne to Van 2’s Johanna…


Emily checking in on Jahanna on her first leg


Exchange: Johanna to Emily


Johanna recovers and beautifies immediately in time to ice Emily!


Emily to Mom


Braedon ices mom in the 96 degree weather…


Hot horrible view of my leg of the Springwater Trail


Braed rocks it… even in the heat!  Too fast for my camera to focus, apparently.


Braed runs us into Portland to pass it on to Van 1 again


We ran our second leg in the middle of the night.  It was much cooler… and better.  But then, for the first time in my experience with H2C, the race organizers really messed up and there was so much congestion that we never got to stop the car to go to sleep.  My mom drove us through all of Van #1’s exchanges at the same speed (almost) as our runner in Van 1 because traffic was so bad.  I heard one guy say they clocked it as 22 miles in 4 hours of driving.  WHAT!  So here she is… the woman that never slept… before our 3rd leg.


Less sleep = goofier Kaetlin and Braedon


Johanna finishes her last leg of her first H2C at top speed, flying through the air!


Mom runs her last leg: 8 miles of rolling hills.


If you want your team to take pictures of you…give them your camera.  Here I am before my last exchange with Hannah…


My last leg: 8 miles of hills + peeing on the side of the road ( not behind the bushes).  Yes, that guy in the yellow saw my butt.


Trying to tell the team I want another bottle of water… Braed takes a pic of my desperate face…


Braed runs his last leg down the hills and through Seaside to the beach…


We WON made it to Seaside! What a CRAZY H2C we had this year.  My favorite part will always be the way all of the teams support each other on the final legs of the relay.  Every team pulls over and offers water, spray bottle sprays, water gun cool-downs, candy, music, and support to all of the runners… not just their own teammates.  It makes me so happy.  I was telling Braedon that I might prefer races over relays because you get to run with your friends.  But when 5/6s of the runners are supporting the other 1/6 who is currently running, you get a crazy loving, supportive, and inspiring atmosphere that you won’t get in a regular road race… ever!

Be back soon!

Going for a run with my friends… to the ocean!  Be back soon…


We drove all day…

to get to Berkeley.  Is that alright?  I was just thinking about our day of driving and remembered how much I love Cindy Lauper and 80s music in general.  I should really add some of those songs to my running playlists…

Here are some highlights from our day of driving from Portland, OR to Berkeley, CA.


We drove around the beautiful Lake and Mount Shasta.  It is so amazing how gorgeous the view is from the road.  It seemed like we were right at the base. 


How many Oregonians does it take to fill a gas tank?  OR how long does it take one Oregonian to figure it out?


The whole contraption just kind of freaks me out.  DSCN0252DSCN0253

I felt like I had to stand there and hold it in the whole time, but I realized that the gas station attendants always leave.  What if it falls out?!!DSCN0254

Dear Oregonians, be afraid.  The rest of the US is very dangerous and scary.  But I am pushing my boundaries, moving to another state with a car that needs its gas pumped.  What do you do when it’s cold out?  or hot? or raining?

It was a long day, but we finally made it to the bay.  Stay tuned for more on our adventures in SF and the race expo! 

I survived!

It didn’t feel good and I didn’t like it one bit, but I made it out of the exam room in one piece after my first section of the CPA exam.  It was 4 stinking hours of non-stop picking at my brain in a freezing air-conditioned room with signs everywhere that warned me against putting my feet on my comfy chair.  grrr… anybody who has ever sat down anywhere with me knows that I put my legs up everywhere.  oops… it happened a few times during the test!  sorry…

I was a nervous disaster before the exam and my stomach was literally spinning in circles the whole hour before the exam.  Luckily, I had secured awesome friend plans for after the exam, so that I wouldn’t be alone and anxious after.  Brendan and A.Jay were right down the street waiting for me when I got done, and we headed to Roy’s for dinner!  Brendan treated me to a cocktail, appetizers, and two seared Ahi dishes.  Yumm… and of course, Roy’s famous chocolate soufflé!


It was so fun and I was really so grateful that they were both there for me!

A.Jay and I decided last night that we would go running this morning at 8:30.  That, my friends, is very early for me, but I had no problem at all waking up because I knew Aje was coming, too.  It was crazy.  I can’t believe how powerful that commitment to her was for my body!


We ran 5 miles on a trail that runs through Berkeley.  We ended the run with iced coffees from Starbucks, of course!

I’m feeling a little better about the exam now that I’ve distanced myself a bit, but I still catch myself trying to solve some problem in my head even though I don’t remember the whole fact pattern.  That makes it pretty stressful.  I won’t get my score until the end of September, so I really need to just let it go and commit myself to my next section, which I will be taking at the end of August!  I’m actually pretty excited to start with a new book, new topic, etc. because I have learned a lot with the last exam about how to study with the Becker materials.

Now I’m headed to Oregon tonight to pick up the car that I’ll be driving to Boston.  We are going to drive it back to the bay this weekend in time for the SF Half Marathon.  Lots of fun coming up this weekend!!

Great friends.

Maryanne, my mom and Braedon ran the Lacamas Lake Half Marathon this morning in Camas, Washington.  It has become somewhat of a tradition for them to run this race as a celebration for my mom’s birthday, which is this weekend!  This year they also met with friends for brunch at a cute place in Portland after the race. 

I have never run this race, but they make it sound like a pretty hard, but beautiful course.  It is hilly and hot, not a PR race, but a good race to dedicate to friendship and a love for running. 

Maryanne sent me some pictures from today because…

she feels famous when I talk about her on my blog

she wanted me to be jealous of all the fun I missed out on

she wanted me to dedicate this post to my mom for her bday

well… I’m not really sure why she sent them to me.  She just sent a blank email with these super cute pics!  jk, Maryanne!  Thanks for the emails!


My mom, Braedon, Maryanne

Now, in all seriousness… how awesome are my mom’s friends (including Maryanne)!?  What a fun way to celebrate your birthday!  My mom’s other friend, Emily, texted me a few weeks ago to see if I could steal all of my mom’s old race shirts that she doesn’t wear so that she could make them into a t-shirt quilt.  We were a little unsure about which shirts I should steal, and whether or not my mom would mind, but I think it all worked out.  I stole them from her closet and avoided any that I thought would fit well, and I didn’t take any from the laundry.  She didn’t even notice when I took an entire stack of t-shirts from her closet.  What!??

Well, it turned out super cute, and she was completely surprised.  Yay!  I love surprises so much.  This is such a fun way to keep and remember race shirts that you will never wear. 

Running quilt

Jeeeeez… Not to mention how cute my mom and Braed look! 

If you are going to run a race that you know is super challenging, do you decide to just have a fun race, or do you try to take it head on? 

Do you have PRs for different geographic areas or course types (hilly PR and flat course PR)? 

The beautiful days of July

I LOVE Portland, summer, sun, friends, and JULY!!! We got to celebrate the “4th of July” this weekend because Braedon and Heylee came home for their birthday party! 

Braedon and I spent the day together on Friday doing a little shopping.





What? Isn’t this what everyone does when they have the day off in the summer?  I swear Braedon and I can’t go a day together without spending at least 3o minutes trying stupid stuff on. 

Today we started the day off with a 3 mile run and a trip to the farmer’s market in Beaverton…


I finally found the perfect sign for my bedroom or office or house… or I could just wear it like a sandwich board. 


Apparently they specialize in super cute signs.  And I LOVE super cute signs!!!


Finally we had the birthday party!!! Heylee and Braedon celebrated their 22nd and 14th birthdays, respectively.  And they blew out the candles on the tres leches cake I made.  It was YUM!  I got the recipe from the the pioneer woman.  Definitely a keeper.  Plus, we served it with fresh raspberries from the market and chopped mangoes… GREAT DAY! 

PS… my brother passed another landmark on his journey to become a SERIOUS Portland hipster with this single speed bike from Urban Outfitters.