Running on the Charles

The first time I went running in Cambridge, I went through the neighborhoods to Harvard and back.  The next time, I ran down to the Charles River to run on the paths and trails that go for miles and miles along the river.  So far, I can’t imagine not going down to the river on every run.  It is so incredible down there.  There really is a running/biking path on both sides of the river for miles, and all of the bridges I’ve seen are pedestrian friendly.  No Bay Bridge here! 

My favorite part is the sense of community that I feel when I’m down there because I am surrounded by people walking, jogging, running, and biking… oh, and rowing!


Kind of a stunning shot if I do say so myself!  I finally was motivated enough to carry my camera on my run through the humidity last night.  We got off work earlier, so I had time to chill out and cool off before heading back out for a quick 3.6.  


Next time, I’ll have to run on the other side of the curve of the river, so I can take some pictures of the amazing city along the river.  I think it is really cool, though, that I can be so close to the city (just a couple miles) and not see it at all because the river curves right around Cambridge.  If I go down one street away from my house, I come out to the river straight toward downtown.  If I go the other way, I see this…


When I went running the other day, I noticed that the bridges are super low to the water!! See above.  I wondered if people ever jump off of them, and whether the water is very deep… then I saw this happening…


Just when I was coming across one of the bridges a bunch of guys were jumping off!  It looked so refreshing, but I would never… I’m way afraid of things like that.  If there isn’t a sign saying I should do it, I mostly don’t. 


I also ran past this beautiful building!  That, my friends, is the Harvard Business School (HBS)!!!  So gorgeous.  So tempting… It also looks SUPER cool at night!  The business school is across the river from where Brendan goes to school, but I think we should take a peek some day…

I’m excited for long runs in my future because there is so much river to be explored! 


Hood to Coast 2011

Team 1213 “Quick & Shameless” Van #2


Captain Mom




Me and my baby brother


The Lineup!


Our first exchange!  Van 1’s Maryanne to Van 2’s Johanna…


Emily checking in on Jahanna on her first leg


Exchange: Johanna to Emily


Johanna recovers and beautifies immediately in time to ice Emily!


Emily to Mom


Braedon ices mom in the 96 degree weather…


Hot horrible view of my leg of the Springwater Trail


Braed rocks it… even in the heat!  Too fast for my camera to focus, apparently.


Braed runs us into Portland to pass it on to Van 1 again


We ran our second leg in the middle of the night.  It was much cooler… and better.  But then, for the first time in my experience with H2C, the race organizers really messed up and there was so much congestion that we never got to stop the car to go to sleep.  My mom drove us through all of Van #1’s exchanges at the same speed (almost) as our runner in Van 1 because traffic was so bad.  I heard one guy say they clocked it as 22 miles in 4 hours of driving.  WHAT!  So here she is… the woman that never slept… before our 3rd leg.


Less sleep = goofier Kaetlin and Braedon


Johanna finishes her last leg of her first H2C at top speed, flying through the air!


Mom runs her last leg: 8 miles of rolling hills.


If you want your team to take pictures of you…give them your camera.  Here I am before my last exchange with Hannah…


My last leg: 8 miles of hills + peeing on the side of the road ( not behind the bushes).  Yes, that guy in the yellow saw my butt.


Trying to tell the team I want another bottle of water… Braed takes a pic of my desperate face…


Braed runs his last leg down the hills and through Seaside to the beach…


We WON made it to Seaside! What a CRAZY H2C we had this year.  My favorite part will always be the way all of the teams support each other on the final legs of the relay.  Every team pulls over and offers water, spray bottle sprays, water gun cool-downs, candy, music, and support to all of the runners… not just their own teammates.  It makes me so happy.  I was telling Braedon that I might prefer races over relays because you get to run with your friends.  But when 5/6s of the runners are supporting the other 1/6 who is currently running, you get a crazy loving, supportive, and inspiring atmosphere that you won’t get in a regular road race… ever!

3 months later… graduation pictures!

It has been almost 3 months since I graduated from Cal, but I wanted to share these because I finally got a CD of the pictures from my friend Kym, who was nice enough to act as my personal photographer for the day! 

First, receiving my pretend diploma from the lady I had never seen before…

may2011 010

A shot of the gorgeous venue, the Greek Theatre!

may2011 016

After the ceremony Braedon gave me my second Cal colored lei. 

may2011 025

I might have to exclude these ladies from my wedding invite list if they keep looking so cute!

may2011 040

Not sure why I let Brendan come in this picture and ruin it…

may2011 059

I almost don’t have cankles in this picture.  These shoes are winners!

may2011 082

I like to practice tree pose whenever I can…

may2011 099

It’s not my mom’s fault she was dressed for another climate.  It really was cold. 

may2011 106

I’ll have to crop the photo bomber out of this one of me and my baby boy!!

may2011 113

Hope you enjoyed the pics.  I’ve been busy thinking about my hair and packing for the big move all day today.  The day just got away from me and I never went on the run that I had been planning on.  My plan is to wake up early-ish tomorrow to get in a couple miles.  Hold me to that!!

Recipe for good race pictures

For some reason I had quite a bit more success than usual with the photographers at Sauvie Island.  I’ve written before about the brutal honesty of race day photography, so maybe they decided to go easier on me this time?

Here are the things I think lead to better pictures:

1. Don’t try to PR after months of on-off injury and rest.  You might have a great race and surprise everyone with your awesome PR, but you also might end up looking uncomfortable.b2

2. Go shopping with your best friends to find flattering matching outfits.  If you think you look picture worthy, you might end up really looking picture worthy!mom1

3. Photo bomb someone else’s picture.  It always makes for a fun shot!2

4. Do something interesting.  Smile, peace sign, arms up, jumping, whatever.  The more you look like you’re posing, the more shots the photographers will take.

3      4

5. Pass someone at the finish!  The before-after on the other person’s face will be worth the shots for the photographer.

5      6

6. Look up a little so you don’t have 4000 chins.


7.  When all else fails, find a photographer after the race and make them take a ridiculous number of pictures of you with all of your friends.


Please ignore this girl who tried the photo bomb strategy on MY picture!! grrrmglky


8. My best tip?! Go to races in beautiful places on beautiful days with all of your favorite people who make you feel fun and gorgeous. 

P.S. Sucking in helps, too! lol I don’t think I really had to point that one out. 

TOO honest

Sometimes I think pictures are just a load of crap.  Everyone on the family vacation is fighting and yelling until the camera comes out and then… “CHEESE!  We are so happy!”  You show friends your vacation pictures and they say how fun your trip looked and you agree, “it was fun, wasn’t it…”

That’s why there is something oh so refreshing about race pictures…


No, I actually didn’t like the gravel road, I don’t have good running arm posture, I don’t smile the whole time I am running, and my shirt did not get along very well with my running belt during the race.  I was really uncomfortable.  Thank you, Helvetia photographer, for capturing that moment so honestly. 


Or how about this one?  It is true. I have a pretty bad heel-strike problem.  I don’t lift my legs very high off the ground, and yes, I had a lot of problems with my race belt… we know! 


Even when I know the cameraman is there snapping pictures, I still can’t keep my eyes off the ground.  I know, my cross country coaches told me to keep my eyes up, but I blame them for all of the times I have tripped over a pebble while running!  And yep, I am still a heel-striking runner!  The other wonderful honest thing about race photos?  I stole them from the website and everyone knows it! 

There is something so honest about race photos.  They just don’t lie and I can’t convince them to.  I go into every race planning to smile big and run with high knees for the camera, and I fail miserably every time.  They are always heinous. 

I suppose the honesty works to some peoples’ advantage…

Braed finish line

Yep, Braedon floats when he runs, and he can’t hide it from them either. Sad.


What a jerk.