It has been so nice lately here in the East Bay.  I know it is probably a little too chilly in San Francisco and a little too hot in San Jose, so it is great to be sitting comfortably in the sun and breeze here in Berkeley! 

The nice weather FORCED me to abandon Starbucks in favor of a café with outdoor seating.  I went to PIQ, which is a pretty genuinely Italian spot close to my apartment because it has fabulous outdoor seating with tables that are half in the sun, half under umbrellas.  So divine…

Of course, I am SO not a loner, so I brought my BFF along with me for coffee. 


Yep, I took Becker out to get a little sun, too.  This is my CPA exam prep book, for anyone unfamiliar with Becker.  Watching 2-hour long lectures and completing multiple choice problem homework for hours is so much more enjoyable in the sun…


When you have one of these iced lattes.  Not quite as delish as my usual because… “Where  is my luscious caramel topping!?” 😦


Starbucks NEEDS to get outdoor seating in Berkeley! 

Don’t worry… I wasn’t totally nerding out with my prep book.  I was also sporting the oh-so-wonderful…



1) I am trying to maintain my running sock tan lines because Brendan loves them soooooo much.  So I couldn’t expose my legs with something like flip flops on.  hmmm… I guess I could have worn my running clothes…

2) I was feeling some shin splints coming on today on my walk home from yoga.  Tough stuff walking 3 blocks home… jk… It is probably from my 18 and 8 mile runs after being a turd for a while. 

3) So that I could take a picture in them and experience the reaction from the uber trendy SO-cal girls sitting behind me… “OMG wtf… Berkeley is so weird!”

LOLOL… yay fitting in in Berkeley.  Ok not quite there yet! 

Check back later for a post on where to get the BEST ice cream ever when you visit Berkeley.