You are really dumb…

The poll this week on Runner’s World is about a topic that seriously gets me all riled up.


It is one thing for people to tell me that I should be careful about my knees.  Fine.  Some people seem astonished when I tell them about 20 mile training runs and immediately ask if I have horrible knees.  No.  Thank you for asking.  Whatever.

What really gets me going?  The people who have quit running or who have never run telling new or potential runners that they SHOULD NOT run.  wtf

I recently had a friend on facebook post an enthusiastic status update about her 2 mile run that made her feel super accomplished.  She made the decision to make time for herself and for her health.  Go her!!  There were a few “good job” type comments before the offender (her family member, of course) wrote a long oh-so-concerned comment about how dangerous it is for women to run.

And I thought…

1. Nobody cares what you think

2. Please cite your sources next time you want to debate a scientific claim

3. Thank you for being a mega party pooper

4. You are really dumb (Antoine Dodson)

But I’m not sure I could fully call people out on that kind of thing.  It is definitely true that if you HAVE a knee problem, it will likely be agitated by the impact of running.  I’m just not interested in getting into a fight about something neither of us are actually experts on.  Maybe next time I read an article about runner joints, I’ll tear it out and keep it handy.

Thoughts?  What do you say when someone tells you you shouldn’t be running?