Safe in my apartment

I read a lot of articles in running magazines and books about the importance of being a safe (female) runner.  The one rule that I always follow is running in daylight.  I had a bad experience freshman year of college when I went for a run at night and tripped on a dark side street on a crack in the sidewalk.  When I landed on my face, I knew I was okay, but I couldn’t get over the fact that I could have NOT been okay and nobody would have known where I was.  I cried the whole way home just thinking about how much danger I felt I had put myself in.  That was the last time I ran alone in the dark. 

On the other hand, there are a bunch of running “should do’s” that I don’t follow.  I don’t tell someone where I’m going every time I go for a run.  I don’t really have someone to tell, I guess.  I could tell my mom, but she doesn’t live here.  I could tell Brendan… I don’t know… It just doesn’t seem practical to me.  The other big one is changing up your route often so that scary people don’t know when to expect you, etc.  I don’t really change up my route, but I NEVER run at the same time or on the same days because my life is super random.  But my life won’t be random when I move to Boston, so I should keep this one in mind if I become a 6am runner.  Heaven forbid…

So I guess I know a lot of ways to prevent danger in my life, but am I doing enough?  Is being aware enough?  I started REALLY thinking about that today as the clock counted down to 4pm when a guy was coming to buy our couch we posted on Craigslist.  Two men were planning on coming over while I was home alone to pick up the couch.  Sound like a horror story?  My mom said maybe I should go tell the neighbors what was going on, just so someone was listening for my screams, I guess.  I ended up just leaving the door to my apartment wide open while they were here, which was only for 2 minutes. 

But it all got me thinking about how scared of life I am and how scared I should be.  I don’t want to walk down the street always shaking with fear, but I also know it is important to be aware and look out for myself…

What would you have done if the guys were coming over to get your couch? 

What are your safe running strategies?  Or what should you start doing?