All I want for Christmas is…

Honestly, I keep trying to think of things I would like to get for Christmas, and it is really hard this year.  I can’t think of anything where I’m like, “Yeah, so-and-so should spend their hard earned money on a (insert nice gift) for me!”  Maybe it has something to do with really working for the first time, or maybe it’s that I feel more able to buy things when I want them for myself, but I just can’t rationalize asking other people to buy things for me this year.  But… it would be even worse if people spent their money on me and bought things I didn’t even want!!

So here is my list so far.

1. Gift cards.  I know this is like the most boring gift to give, but hey!!! it isn’t about you, right!?  These are the gift cards I would most appreciate/use:

  • Starbucks (not sure I needed to write that, but…)
  • Banana Republic
  • J.Crew
  • Target
  • A stationery store like Paper Source
  • Groupon or LivingSocial (so I can buy things without thinking about it back and forth a million times when I see a good one)

2. Things from the stores above with gift receipts.  Thanks! I’ll go return this now.

3. A pillow from tempurpedic, so I can stop stealing Brendan’s

4. OPI matte nail polish.  So cool.  Check it out on my wishlist board on pinterest, which I will be updating if I think of anything else I would like…

Now, here is a list of things you might think you should get for me, but I really don’t need them:

RUNNING CLOTHES.  I have tooooo many.

A tablet. I won’t use it.

What do you want for Christmas?  Have you ever felt like people shouldn’t be spending their money on you?  What’s the most memorable Christmas present you ever got?

One year, my mom got me a new super nice laundry basket from Pottery Barn that I really wanted.  Cool, right!?  and then when I opened it, it was FULL of new clothes!! WHAT?!


Berkeley to Boston: Day 7 (Mall of America)

Day 7 (August 21, 2011): Sioux Falls, SD to Minneapolis, MN

Let’s see… what else can I say about Sioux Falls, South Dakota? 


1) They have really bad food in the middle of this country.  All of the billboards say we are in Beef country, but they seriously ruin all pieces of meat by cooking them way too much.  I got a little excited when we went to a restaurant for a buffalo burger, but I was let down again.  Plus, the salad bar turned out to have a bowl of iceberg lettuce, a bowl of canned veggies (what?), and all of the other bowls were some variation of macaroni or potato salad.  OMG!  I feel so gross.

2) We weren’t really sure what to do once we were done with Mount Rushmore and the Badlands.  There were a lot of farms?

3) I’ll give it a little break because I was super sick, sneezing all day, so I’m not sure I would have enjoyed myself anywhere. 

What did we end up doing?  We got to our hotel late-ish at night, went to bed, got up, did some laundry, and drove the heck away.  We almost decided to just turn around and go home at that point, but it is shorter to just keep on going East…

This leg of our trip took us to Minneapolis.  I have honestly wanted to go here since I was a kid because Mary-Kate and Ashley did a lot of events at Mall of America, and the American Girl Store is here!!


Better late than never!?


I’ll admit I felt a little out of place and out of touch.  They have definitely added a few more dolls since the last time I was collecting.  It was still pretty exciting because it really is the ultimate place for a girl to go doll shopping.  They have a hair salon where you can get your dolls hair done, and they have a full café/restaurant where your doll gets a doll-size high chair!!

Plus, they have all the awesome books for girls, which I really am a fan of.  Their books are really great for young girls because they are really honest about a lot of things that girls don’t like to talk about, but need to hear about: health, body image, puberty, safety, boys, how to wash between your toes, etc. 



The store really reminded me how passionate I am about education for girls and programs like girls on the run. 

The mall had a ton of our favorite stores, but it also had the kid version of all of the stores like Crew Cuts by J. Crew (so cute!!) and 77 Kids by American Eagle.

I wouldn’t really recommend going out of your way to visit the Mall of America, but it would be a GREAT PLACE to take kids shopping.  Plus, they have a whole theme park by Nickelodeon in there!

So… a road trip post just turned into a post about everything I loved about being a little girl. Awesome!

Running Sucks!

Today was kind of a crazy start to a crazy weekend…

Brendan and I are volunteering at the San Francisco AIDS walk tomorrow to help my friend A.Jay who has been working as an organizer for them for a few months.  She coaxed us in with the promise of golf carts!! Woo hoo!! We get to drive golf carts and call it volunteering! Sweet!  Just one thing… we have to BE THERE at 5:30am tomorrow in San Francisco. 


So after we went to the volunteer training today in Golden Gate Park we headed to one of our favorite SF restaurants: Pluto’s.  They have SUPER good salads with lots of toppings to choose from!

Later in the evening we went to Emeryville and happened upon the Nike Running store!!  I LOVE Nike stores, but I especially love this one because it is a HUGE store devoted to all running products.  YES! 


I really wanted this sweatshirt.  It really speaks to me. 

But then I found a shirt that REALLY isn’t afraid of a little honesty:


Why do they only have this shirt in Men’s sizes?  I told Brendan he should get it because it is my favorite Nike shirt EVER, but he said he prefers more motivating Nike shirts.  You know like Catch me if you can OR Super Fast.  WHATEVER.  I do not even look at those shirts.  How lame would it be to wear those shirts and have the race photographer catch you walking.  Yep… I am super fast.  OMG.  That is kind of how I feel about arm sleeves, too.  I just couldn’t wear them knowing that I am going to be running 10 min miles.  More power to you if you think they help you at the jogging pace (yep, I said it), but I’m waiting until I hit 7 min miles.  So… don’t ever buy me sleeves! 

Off to bed now so I can get my volunteer on in a few hours!