How’s running going?

Every time I see someone that I haven’t seen in a while they ask me, “How’s running going? How was your race?”  Ugh… that is not the same thing!!

How was my race? 

It was great, thanks! Do you really want to know how it went?  I’ve made the mistake of going into too much detail with non-runners only to be far too disappointed when they obviously don’t care or don’t actually understand.  Not their fault, right?  But it is so frustrating to have someone ask about something so personal, so emotional, so detailed, and reply, “It was great, thanks!”  FAIL.

Does it look like I liked it?


No! Not really! (Mile 20-ish)


Absolutely! So proud!  (Mile 26.19) lol

It just isn’t that simple.  Some people asked and I decided to give a simple, yet more honest answer: it was better than I expected, and it was really emotional.  Emotional? Didn’t you go running!!?  BAHHH… NVM.  Don’t ask.image

The truth is, my relationship with running is really complicated.  I started this blog when I was so obsessed with running and so excited to be a runner that I couldn’t find enough stuff to read, talk about, listen to, inhale, etc. about running.  And my boyfriend wanted me to SHUT UP about running and blogs!  Contrast that with this week when all I really have on my agenda now after graduating is my training plan for an upcoming race, and I am SO over it!  I have gone out for midweek 9 milers two weeks in a row and turned them into 4 milers.  I can’t find the passion.  I am starting to get worried. 

Like SkinnyRunner says:


I know my race next weekend will help.  I know running with A.Jay when she moves back to Berkeley next week will help.  I know going home and having a running group will help.  But I need it now!