Shades of green

I’m BAAACK!  Back in Oregon that is!  I am home for a week in Portland.  My trip is perfectly planned around the Helvetia Half Marathon, which is this Saturday.  Looking forward to a nice hilly morning run with the fam!


It’s my first time running Helvetia, but my family does it every year. 

I got into Portland this afternoon, and my mom and Braedon picked me up in time for a nice evening run in the park by our house. 


Maryanne came over to meet us for our 5 mile run.  I was really excited to see her.  She is an awesome running partner because she is NEVER negative and always acts like I am funny and beautiful!! lol


NO!! Braedon is finally taller than me!  I mostly ran with Braed except when he decided to race some random kid on the trails without telling the kid!! lol.  Violet also got in this picture because she knows that I am allergic to her and she likes to irritate me I love her so much!

I couldn’t believe how green the park was.  It is a HUGE difference from the Bay.  Don’t let any Pacific NW haters tell you differently.  This is the prettiest place ever! 


This GORGEOUS green trail is just right outside our back door.  How awesome is that.  I kept raving during our run about how many shades of green there were.  My mom is alone in this pic because Braedon and I ran ahead and Maryanne was attending to Violet’s digestive issues.  Poor Violet got the runs during our run!! But really… poor us because she was stinky.


Braedon ran back to check on Maryanne and Violet.  This is when he was coming to a screeching halt.  It is important to him that everyone recognize this is not his normal running hand placement.  LOL.  Still looks better than my form!