Loving life… in Berkeley!

Today when I was driving home from the airport (dropped Brendan off), I just was suddenly overwhelmed with a happy feeling.  You know… the “life is good” feeling.  I was cruising down the freeway, turning toward Berkeley and the gorgeous evening sky was glowing over the Berkeley hills.  I thought, “ I love this.  I love Berkeley.  I am so glad I went to college here.”  !!!!!! Finally!!!!!!

Finally, I have made peace with my decision to come to Berkeley.  aahhhh…

Besides Berkeley, here are the top 5 reasons why I love life tonight. 

1. I am not a morning person.  I am not a night person.  But I am an evening person.  I wish the late afternoon/after dinner time would go on forever without the sun going down all the way, and without my eyes drooping.  That is why I LOVE summer.  The sky carries the dusk-like glow for hours!  Gives me the happy feeling.


2. Today marks two days in a row not running, but it also marks two days in a row going to yoga!  I feel great.  I’m so excited that I can do all of the vinyasa flows on my toes now, rather than my knees! 

3. I went to Yogurtland tonight and they had ANOTHER new flavor!! woohooo!! That seriously just makes me giddy every time, even if I hate the flavor.  The new flavor tonight was chocolate milkshake.  Good thing because Janae blogged about the new flavors yesterday in SoCal, which included PB cookie and chocolate milkshake, and I was feeling a little cheated by my local franchise. 

4. Brendan is gone tonight, and he is gone everyday for 11 hours, and even though I miss him because I love his cute face, I LOVE my alone time.  (THAT, my friends, is a run-on sentence)  I used to die when I was alone, crawl in a hole in misery, not to mention binge on every food in the house.  It is so liberating to feel so comfortable in my skin and with myself, rather than by myself. 

5. I am headed to Portland tomorrow afternoon for a long 4th of July 10-day trip!  (that is where Brendan is tonight because we got different flights)  I love the summer in Portland, I LOVE the 4th of July more than any other holiday and I am so excited to go hang out at home with my mom!  I’m also getting pretty pumped for the half marathon on Monday! 


Happy Day: Smart running decisions and Yogurtland!

What a great day!  I’m just so excited because Yogurtland finally got a new flavor that ROCKS my world. 


This flavor seriously is amazing.  I find that frozen yogurt often tastes like something when you first try it, but then tastes like indistinguishable “frozen yogurt flavor” once you’ve been eating it.  This flavor consistently delivered full caramel, almond and chocolate flavors in every bite.  It was also SUPER salty, which I HEART!  Plus, it says that it is a good source of protein from the almonds…. lol, right. 


I got a bowl of the new flavor with caramel sauce and chocolate sprinkles on top.  OMG!  Brendan also got the new flavor, but with 2 cookies worth of cookie dough on top! 

Enough fuel analysis.  Onto your daily dose…

As you may or may not know, I was scheduled to run 20 miles yesterday.  I was all set with a big new bottle of lemon-lime G2 and a baggie of the green and yellow mike n’ ikes.  Brendan was displeased to see that there were only red and orange left in the box.  Sorry… oopsies. 

My run started out fine.  I was tight, but I felt pretty calm and comfortable with the idea of the 4 hours to come.  I ended up stopping at 3 different bathrooms because I was so afraid that I would have to go poop when I wasn’t near a bathroom.  I never went… fyi, tmi (sorry, Brendan).  Anyways…

I was definitely feeling the pain down my left leg in my IT band, my hamstring, and my sciatic nerve tingle.  It was definitely something I could run through, but I started thinking about the chapter I read last night in my book which talks about the importance of not running through an injury if it changes your gait.  Well, I was definitely limping…

Then I started thinking about my experience with this same injury 2 years ago at the Disney Marathon.  When I think about my “running career” I feel like I have only really finished one real marathon for the books because my Disney marathon was SO AWFUL.  I pretty much carried my left leg through training and through the race, and it was significantly less enjoyable than my Eugene marathon  training and experience.  I don’t want to just finish the race in July (SF).  I want to enjoy it.  I don’t want to hate training this summer, and I don’t want to make my injury worse. 

So… I headed back for home, finishing only 12 of the 20 I set out to do, but feeling like I had made a really healthy decision for me.  I have officially decided to only run the first half of the SF Marathon because it is the right thing for my body right now!